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And since there's now a place for me to post this... :-)

Alrighty, I just switched from Telus Mobility to Rogers AT&T, 'cause I was sick of my crappy Sanyo phone. I really wanted a Nokia, and Rogers just happens to have a $99 Nokia 8390 deal right now.

So I got my phone yesterday... DAMN, this thing is small. It's 2/3 the size of a pack of cards (and it's not a flip phone). I know I'm going to lose it some day.

Anyways, it's a GSM phone (like Fido's been using all these years)... I was hesitant to go with it because the coverage is still relatively limited across North America (at least I'll be able to roam in San Diego... !@#$ing Telus), but other than some odd connection problems today, the sound quality is phenominal.

So, my question to anyone who's had a phone that isn't made by Sanyo: what kind of things can I do with this phone? I'm a neophyte to sending text messages, or using wireless web, or adding custom ringtones, etc.

And for the more technically-inclined... is there any way to change the "ROGERS AT&T" banner on top of the screen? And is there a way to put the Nokia 8390 into field test mode? I know how to do it for most PCS Nokias, but it seems GSM Nokias are more complicated.
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