Jodel (jodelf1) wrote in rogers_att,


Hey everyone, I actually work at Rogers Wireless so if anyone needs any help, I'd be glad to help LJ users and if I can't, then point you in the right direction!

(that was the worst run-on sentence)
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maybe you can help me then :(

I used P2K to delete the stock stuff on my new V220 phone (rings, pictures and the video..) and now i cant get to my ring tone menu, it reverts back to the previous menu when i try to access it.. wahhhh

i hope to heck theres a way for me to fix it lol
What the? I have never heard of P2K... I suck! At any rate, I promised I'd point you in the right direction if I didn't know, so that's what I have to do.

- Go to a Rogers dealership with a service department and have the technicians look at your Motorola.
- If you can't make it to a dealership, call customer service (800) IMAGINE and have someone wal you through it.
- Sometimes the customer service people are complete tools, or sometimes the wait is too long. In any event, call data support instead (866) 931-3282 and press 1 for setup instructions and other technical support and press 3 for phone support, including picture messaging (get a live person online and they can help you out).

Good luck!
I have a samsung x426 and I cant find any ringtones that arent poly or that my only choice. they sound like crap (i dont know much about phones)
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