I Want To Be Your Debaser (wdytoab) wrote in rogers_att,
I Want To Be Your Debaser

KRZR and plan help, please.

I have two questions, completely unrelated:

I just bought a KRZR but I can't for the life of my open it to put my SIM in. All I got out of it was a sore thumb and some scratches on the back of the phone. I looked at the manual and scoured the internet but I haven't had any luck...

I took over my sister's plan on December 27th 2007. Her plan was to expire in March (in ten days, actually). In January , I asked to have the plan changed to a higher price plan (she'd had it on the lowest price plan). The plan took effect in February but what they didn't tell me is that I'd just committed for another 3 years! The representative gave me no indication that I'd be on a 3-year contract; on the contrary, I thought I'd have freedom because of taking over my sister's plan! I only just found out and I need information on how to have this removed. I haven't gotten any paper confirmation of my having "signed on" for another three years, everything was done verbally. I'm livid right now because this totally defeats the purpose of my having taken over my sister's plan. If I'd wanted to sign for three years, I would have gotten my own contract and gotten a free phone out of it, at least.

(This will probably be cross-posted)
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